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Returning to Reside in Colomia (Bogotá)


As the US/Colombian enter into a new economic relationship on May 15, Protected content , I am writing to introduce office which provides business development/legal services to nonresident US/Colombian citizens.

At the outset although my wife, our 9-year-old son, and I have resided in Annandale, Virginia since Protected content , we have continued to maintain and return each year to our main office and home respectively in Barranquilla, and Santa Veronica, Colombia. However, now that our oldest son has completed undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech, and soon will complete his graduate studies at Harvard, we are now preparing to return to reside and work full time from our office in Colombia.

I went to the Republic of Colombia in Protected content Assistant General Counsel/Contracts Administrator for Morrison Knudsen International, Boise, Idaho, on its $2 Billion Exxon Coal Mine Cerrejon Project. My responsibilities included resolution of labor/employment and immigration issues, contract claims, managing outside counsel firms, financial agreements, etc., involved in the construction of a deep water port, Protected content heavy gage rail road, and 15 million metric ton open pit mine.

Subsequently, from Protected content the present, I established and have maintained in both in Virginia and Colombia: Protected content & Rodriguez Consultants, specialized in advising on U.S./Colombian entities in South American business development in Colombia; and, Protected content Law Offices of Isidoro Rodriguez, specialized in federal litigation on behaolf of nonresident US/Colombian citizens involving corporate law, Constitutional law, forfeiture law, U.S. immigration, civil rights, and labor/employment law, i.e. I successfully petitioned and argued before the United States Supreme Court, Katia Gutierrez de Martinez v. Lamargno and DEA, Protected content . 2227; Protected content Protected content right to Article III judicial review of the U.S. Attorney General s determination). I also served as Legal Representative to Sea Search Armada LP/Armada Company, managing their complex contracts litigation on their claim to treasure trove against the Republic of Colombia valued at $17 Billion USD, described by Congressmen Benjamin A. Gilman, Dan Burton, and Phil M. Crane, as the "largest private claim by American citizens against a foreign state pending in the world.”

A summary of my earlier positions prior to going to Colombia are: White House appointment as Director of Office of Civil Rights USDA; Acting Legal Counsel to the Office of the Mayor, Office of Personnel, City of Washington, D.C.; and Special Assistant the Assistant Secretary of Education, HEW and was Special Advisor White House Study on the Economic Conditions of Puerto Rico.

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