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Safety tips - Bogota (Bogotá)


Here is a list of safety tips, specially for people who just arrived to Bogota:

- Learn about the different areas. Like in almost every single city in the world there are good and not so good neighborhoods. Try to stay in the safe areas of the city.

- Dont walk alone at really late hours. Even in the best parts of the city, at night, you will want to walk along with somebody else and not by yourself.

- Try not to speak on the cellphone if you are in the middle of the streets. You will only be calling the bad guys in that way.

- Dont go around with a lot of cash on you. Take only what you need.

- If you are going downtown, to la candelaria or a place not so good, leave all your jewelry or expensive items at home.

- Dont ever, ever, get a taxi on the streets. The safest way to get a taxi its by using a free app named Tappsi, you can download it for free. Your second option would be to call a taxi company. Protected content pretty safe. If you have no other choice take a bus, its a lot safer than a taxi on the streets.

- Dont leave bags, bikes, cameras, purses or any other items unattended. Even if you are in a fancy restaurant. You never know who is around.

If you are cautious and use common sense you will be fine in Bogota. Its not the safest city in the world but supposedly the crime rate is lower here that in Washington DC. If you have any doubts I will be happy to help you.

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