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Search of Partner/Investor - Wat - LanguageProject (Bogotá)

Dear All,

I am Alejandro. I have started a language initiative and I am convinced it is an excellent idea, but I have to admit I am in urgent need of a partner to help make this initiative a reality.

To make the long story short, I am a strong believer of democratizing languages and you guys all know that by learning a foreign language many doors will open. Sadly this opportunity is being limited to very expensive languages centers, given perhaps without the ideal methodology or some times even offered as rip-off schemes. is a project of sharing languages, democratzing languages in Colombia to be more accurate. It is not meant to be a tandem nor a place to meet people. I want to make languages fun, available for everyone at a very low price and with a pragmatic methodology. I am strongly convinced that the business model will work and that is a win-win for both students and "tichers" (how i Call them).

The project has advanced, we have a website, we have the infrastructure, clients are everywhere and the will to work is great. However my financial ressources are limited and my new job has consumed my time so I find the need to share this initiative to keep it alive.

I will be more than happy to explain a bit more about WAT ! Ideally if you have experience in advertising, marketing, languages or seed funding you would make a great match for the partner I am seeking. But to be honest I need someone that believes in the project as much as I do because I am sure that it can generate a lot of benefit.

Please check the website : Protected content
Facebook - Protected content

The main purpose of this is to share knowledge, use better the ressources and without trying to be too cliché: make a change.

Although I believe this can be a very profitable business, my main goal and motivation with this initiative, is to somehow contribute in the development of Colombia.

Do not hesitate to contact me through my mail, mobile, skype or facebook contacts given below :

Alejandro Barrenetxe -FB
Andobg -Skp
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