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Shipping / moving options from Colombia to USA (Bogotá)

Hi all,

Has anybody heard of or used any shipping / moving companies or services (Colombia -> USA?) I don't have furniture or cars, just 2 bike boxes and roughly 8 boxes of Protected content feet each, or ~ Protected content each.

Ideally, I would prefer a low-cost ocean freight service, even if it takes Protected content .

Alternatively, if anyone has experience or thoughts about these other options : airline excess baggage, private company freight and moving companies, FedEx / DHL / UPS, mail service in Colombia. etc - much appreciated!

(FYI - A few years ago, I shipped 5 boxes of 20 kg each from Indonesia to the USA via the Indonesian Postal Service. It was cheap! Cost USD $80 / box, took 8 weeks to arrive via ocean freight. I haven't found anything similar so far in Colombia. :(


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