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I posted about my goal to raise money to provide food and blankets to the homeless here in the centre. So far, 2 members, Frank Bevcar and James Harling have each donated Protected content . I have to scale back. Interestingly, no donations from any Colombians. Frank is American and James a fellow Canadian. A local merchant is giving me the food at cost. He is also preparing it and packaging it so it will be clean and easy to give. Please support Chantonner when you are in the Centre. I am going to price footwear and socks in San Victorino this morning. I just cannot do blankets. A Colombian friend will accompany me because there is a risk. Please, help me help them. We live here. We drive prices up. We can be wasteful. I will paste the video and picture links. I have references, if you have trust issues. Thank you! I cannot do this without you!!!!

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