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The start of a journey (Bogotá)

Hi everyone. I am at the start of planning a move to Latin America. I have a travelled to a few countries in the continent and am open to going to live in several, but in particular am naturally drawn to Colombia and Peru to name a couple and have never been before. I want to start testing the water for jobs. I am multi-skilled and experienced in many creative areas, I am a skilled carpenter, scenic artist, prop maker, designer and also in management as I was a Theatre Manager for a number of years but can turn my hand to most things and don't really mind what I do as its as much about being in a new place than anything else. I know basic Spanish and am learning fast. Anyone who can offer me any pointers at all would be great. Mainly just want to start looking in the right places for possible work before I leave the UK. I'd prefer to turn up in a place with something to go to

Thanks all!

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