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To get or not to get? (Bogotá)


I am looking for advice. I am new to Bogota, just over a month and I arrived at a great time to socialize and a bad time to look for work/apartments/network etc.

Accordingly, I need it all :) An apartment, a job, friends, the whole shabang! I never thought I'd live in Colombia and look for work teaching English. As such, I don't have an ESL certificate and here is my question: with the experience I have is it really worth it? I've developed and delivered countless seminars, workshops, taught in colleges and taught newly-minted adjudicators. Some suggest the skill is different, I am not sold. You can either teach, or you cannot, in my view. A respected certificate is expensive. I am not persuaded that I can make back the difference in a year at wages here. I would appreciate advice. Here is my email becase I am a basic member: Protected content Thanks in advance.

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