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Transformation Unconscious - to be free!! (Bogotá)

Sunday september 21, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
Course: Transformation Unconscious ¡You are free to create the marvelous !
• Course aimed at men and women.
• ¿How we create external situations?,¿People and similar experiences are repeated?
• Internalization / meditation practices to experience the “state of heaven” within us and create wonderful realities from there in any area of our life.
• Emotional alchemy: cleansing and transformation of our emotions.
• Cleaning the unconscious ¡ obstacles you put yourself ! without realizing.
• Family constellations through images (not by psychodrama): how family history influences in our life .
• Remember who we really are, realizing that we have the freedom and power to materialize in any area of our life, experiences and wonderful people.
• Experience the connection with God, with others and with all: unity conscience and unconditional love.
We generate from within us, all! what happens to us (our emotions and external situations), no random !! and quantum physics already recognizes it, no meeting is casual or situations which we live, external reality corresponds exactly with what we have in our inner world, mainly in our unconscious.

Removes obstacles! connect with your inner power!!

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Investment:$160.000 includes course memories

Facilitator: Jenny Soler, lecturer and counselor in the fields of self-care, conflict and stress management and nutrition and organic cooking; personal and family therapist; author of three books, one with second international edition; facilitator of intensive workshops on issues of self-esteem, inner peace, emotional cleansing, meditation and relaxation techniques and cleaning of the unconscious;oriental dance instructor for women using art as a means of transformation to fully develop the feminine principle and connect and clean the unconsciousness; professional Astrologer and Director and Professor of Mathematics area for CESA, Businees School in Bogotá.

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