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Trip on long weekend Nov 14th-17th (Bogotá)

Hi all,

I am new around internations. I came for 10 weeks from LA, California. I am in my 5th now.

Unfortunately I don't have much time to visit this wonderful country, and even if I like Bogotá so much, I know there are other amazing places to visit.

I have been checking flights and accommodation to spend the next long weekend in EJE CAFETERO or CARTAGENA. First place is pure nature, green mountains and excellent excursions to carry out Protected content .
Second place you know, Caribbean fun.

I don't find much cooperation among the locals in my office so if you want to make something really different, adventurous and enjoy a weekend out of the capital just hit me up.
I have also thought about safety issues, and my Colombian friends calm me down by suggesting that just keeping low-profile and avoiding to show off, nothing will happen. At none of the places.

BTW I have check all stuff in Protected content and it might cost $800.000 flight+hotel

It sounds a bit crazy to propose such a thing by a post, to strangers. But I guess you are here with the same outcome as me: Professional success and enjoy our trip. So I kinda trust you already ;)

Best, Ivan Protected content

PS. if it is too hasty, we can organize it for Dec 6-8. Another long weekend!!

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