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Updating course's manual-UnconsciousTransformation (Bogotá)

People who have come to our lives, have not come by chance and we've not chosen them consciously (although it seems like it!), our unconscious has chosen them! according to affinity or what correspond with our mental / emotional patterns. We do not fall in love with another person because of his /her eyes, or because we feel butterflies in the stomach when we see him / her, or because we feel very special connection or we like such qualities in her /him... No, it is not for this reason that we feel a strong attraction to someone, sounds little romantic but the truth is that it is due to the unconscious person's fits, resonates, corresponds with what there is in our unconscious and in many cases the emotional pain or the unresolved situations, draw us to live more of the same (or project this, as a natural correspondence); If inside me, deep inside, I believe that women or men are... or the relationships are .... (what I believe is not the same at the unconscious level than at the conscious level) then I will feel attracted by people who behave like that, that also have those ideas. Another example, as we will see in psicogenealogy module, is when you fall in love with someone because your unconscious is looking for a Grandpa ! who lived a big emotional conflict, repressed or not solved in the family system; nowadays the current person, is the representation of this Grandpa, because he /her keeps in his /her own unconscious, and we will tend to repeat the stories of Grandpa in our couple life! This can also happen with father, brothers, mother... when there is pain, confusion, abuses, secret... not harmonized in the past (the not resolved in preceding generations) our unconscious chooses, it makes us feel attracted to people who represent them, even if consciously do not have any idea of these stories, then we fall in love but really we have been looking for Grandpa!

By dates and other signs, you realize if the person represents some ancestor or member of your family; I verified with different people at different moments of my life, in relationships, which were all related to the same ancestor / family story! and they seemed like my ancestor, the situation that the ancestor lived repeated! of course, everything has a solution and can be neutralized, but until it does not eliminate background, the person can be changed, our taste will lean toward the same kind of person or situations! In the course we will work on this, to cut from the root the repetitive influences or patterns.
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