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Work visa with a smaller company- requirements (Bogotá)

I called the MRE today with several questions about getting a work visa as MANY things have changed since I last got one in Protected content . To my surprise and delight, the whole process is much easier now. But I was left wiith one lingering question that I'm hoping maybe someone from IN can help me with.

I wasn't sure if the average revenue of Protected content mínimos (for a persona jurídica) in 6 months was for the total or for each month. I was told each month, which is disappointing to me because a small company wants to hire me. The guy encouraged me to apply anyway, though. I expressed my surprise since I'd always assumed that the requirements are inflexible. The guy I talked to then gave me the impression that everything is on a case by case basis, that each application is studied and its merits considered. (Or even that it could depend on the "capricho" of the official in that moment.) When I pushed him on this and tried to confirm it, he then seemed to backpedal and say that, yes, the income part is "fundamental." But that I should apply and try anyway.

Does anyone know if there is indeed some leeway on this requirement? Or does he just want me to spend the $50 to apply and be automatically rejected for not meeting the requirements? If the rules are inflexible, I won't waste my time, of course. And if there is some flexibility, I'd imagine it would help (or at least couldn't hurt) having some written explanation of why an exception is being asked for, and why the foreigner is needed.

Any insight or experience would be very much appreciated!! Thanks.

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