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World Cup, Piquete and Rancho Caqueceño (Bogotá)


Hey everyone,

A really great place to see the World Cup, eat good food (platos típicos), while watching the World Cup and there's a bar too, so, having a drink watching the World Cup. It's only a bus journey away, km. 4 via La Calera - Sopό (that's 5 minutes outside La Calera). But besides the World Cup, a great lunch and reasonable prices.

A little hidden treasure as it's outside Bogotá. They do a great postre (dessert) on Sundays, if you make a day of it, you can do lunch, take a walk to El Tambre and the river and then relax on the bus journey back to the big city, Bogotá. Ask Gina or Edy (proprietors) for directions regarding the walk. There you have it, enjoy!

PS Fridays and Saturdays are calm, Sundays are a little frantic as all the family are out.

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