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Bodywork & Fitness - Make it a priority (Bologna)

Spring is in the air and I wanted to remind everyone about the importance of taking care of our bodies. Not just with nutrition and positive thinking, but also with massage therapy and physical activity!

Massage is not just a luxury. Yes it makes you feel good, but think about all the positive shifts that can come into your life JUST because you "feel good". Like exercise, bodywork does more for you if you engage in it regularly. In order to see results you must commit to yourself and your well-being. Along with proper nutrition and exercise, massage relaxes tense muscles and stimulates the body’s communication lines to help it function properly and keep you feeling your best.

Make massage & exercise a priority in your life for a healthier tomorrow! Contact me today to schedule your appointments. InterNations discount available.

In My Home Studio-
*Regular Rate One Hour Massage - €35
In Your Home (Rate may vary with distance)
*Regular Rate One Hour Massage - €40

*Healthy Lifestyle/Weight-loss/Toning Programs & Individual/Group Fitness Training available as well. Contact me for more details*

In peace & health,
Heather Hemmer
Body Wellness Bologna
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[i]"Prevention is better than cure."[/i]
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