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Italiano-Inglese tandem via skype (Bologna)


I'm a well educated, native English speaker with a less than perfect command of Dutch, French, German, a decent amount of Italian and some Spanish. I am trying hard to improve my Italian and would like to exchange English, or even Dutch, for Italian via Skype. If anyone here knows of an Italian native speaker, who wants or needs to work on his/her English, with me via Skype, please get in touch.
I'm at the stage where I need to consolidate and develop what I know by talking with native speakers. It is after all the best way to learn!

People tell me that I'm a great motivator and could help with a lot of cultural/colloquial stuff that you'll never learn in most classrooms.

I like travel, food and drink, sport, fitness, laughing and socialising and a range of what might be considered more serious things, but not much that is too highbrow.

A presto e grazie mille.


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