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June Elections in Bologna

There's thousands of potential foreign European voters here NOT registered. However, if you would like a say, we must try to register as many people as possible before April 26th deadline.

Come along to Celtic Druid in via Caduti di Cefalonia, Thursday 21 at 6.30pm and we'll show you how you can register to vote in the June elections for whoever you want!

It's very simple and an important step for us 'stranieri' who live, work and invest our lives in Bologna to begin a new road on the future of Bologna. This city is changing very quickly for those of us who have lived here for some time now, and yet we've practically had no input as to how our city is run.

Why now? The internet, foreign investment and the obvious numbers of increased visitors to the city are making 'us' an attractive electorate to those in the comune, particularly, because we are the future of this city. We bring new skills, technology, labour, and ideas but so far we've had little political impact.
By registering now, at the very least, we may begin to have a say.

The rules are simple:
- you must be a European citizen officially resident here in Bologna.
- you need to attach a photocopy or even take a photo on your phone of your ID (passport or residency ID) then attach it to the form (copies will be supplied)
- date the form, sign it then bring it to Via Don Minzoni 10/2 - the electoral office. Tel. Protected content if you are here over the weekend contact me and I will help you with any questions or queries.

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