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Moving to Italy for work...Guidance please! (Bologna)

Hello Italy!

I am from India, working and living in Poland since last three years. I have been recently offered a Job in Italy in Automotive industry. I am considering moving to Italy in June-16 with my family (wife and a new born kid). But I need some guidance from you guys as I am very new to Italy and never been there.

A) Here are my plans and requirements in Italy,
1) Planning to rent an apartment with 3 rooms in towns near Bologna or Modena,
2) Since have a new born, so wish to live in area where hospitals and Medicare is in close proximity,
...Could you suggest me some nice localities??

B) My situation in Poland,
1) We are quite enjoying our life in Poland. As I am earning fairly good income and after monthly spending on rent + groceries + leisure, we are able to save around Protected content 500 euros per month!
2) We are quite satisfied with the medical care in Poland as well as most of it is free!
3) Only issue is language and later schooling for kids as English schools are very few (atleast in the place where I live).
4) We have very few Polish friends and also there are very less Indians here! :-(

C) Now, back to Italy,
1) I have been offered Euros Protected content in hand per month.
2) A decent job

My questions to you are,
1) How are the living expenses look like in Italy for a couple with 1 Kid?
2) Considering normal leisure expenses+ Rent + monthly expenses + misc will I be able to save at least more than Protected content per month? or in other words, will I be able to save more after similar expenditure as in Poland? if yes? any guesses?
3) Is social behavior good in Italy?
4) Could language be a problem? Are there English schools for kids?

I am in urgency to figure out this and finalize my decision, so could you please be kind to guide me through this asap?

All suggestions are welcome!

Indi Guy

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