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Call for Ideas (Bonn)

Dear Bonn community,

Both Olga and I are very glad that the community of Bonn and its surroundings is growing so fast and that you're enjoying our monthly get togethers :-)) It's great!

A couple of you asked us about events and how to organise additional events. Please feel free to use InterNations web platform to create events on your own and invite others to join you.

Also, some of you volonteered to come up with ideas of locations for our monthly events, we'll be happy to get your suggestions as the group is growing and it's getting challenging to find appropriate places!

Last but not least, after our mingling, drinking & dancing experience at Shaker's, we thought also to organise a DJ again for the upcoming event. If you know any good one, drop us a note ;-)

Looking forward to meeting you all on August 23rd!


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