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Common Passions: movies and board games (Bonn)


Hi all!

I was wondering whether this could be a good starting point for cultivating one's passions. (I apologize in advance if this is not the right place and I was supposed to know).

As far as I am concerned, last time we met at the Bahnhöfchen, we spoke about Protected content movies, that is movies that are played in their original language without German translation.
Since there seem to be a cinema in Bonn playing those movies (I do not remember the name from last time, can anyone help me out with that?). I do not know whether it can be appropriate to form a group specific to that or it can be included in an existing group activities... we could first check how many of us are potentially interested so... how many for undubbed movies? :-)

Another theme very dear to me is Protected content games. When I moved to Germany (last Feb.) I thought a large % of the population was playing BG: many authors and publishing houses are German, the largest fairs on the subject are held here (Essen and Nürnberg first)... so I took for granted that it was a well-spread "illness". Then I found out that finding game-mates is not so simple, even here in Germany. But may be some of you are interested. Once again, I am wondering whether it is worth a new group or some other groups may be interested in hosting such activities so... how many for board games? :-)

Thank you for your attention.

My kindest regards

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