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Free conferences Gnosis Meditation Center in Köln (Bonn)

Gnosis focus in the real meaning of Meditation and the real origins of mankind.

We teach the Psychology of the mind, and how to get rid of bad thoughts and diseases that the well called Ego produces to ourselves and how to get to the real mean of Happiness , which is the consciousness within us .

Gnosis also focus on Nutrition , Botanic and healing with natural plans, Kabalah,Kundalini awakening, Yoga exercises and breathings , white Tantra and the ancient secrets of civilizations, like the Greeks, Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Egyptians,Tibetans,Hindis, Native Americans,Sumerians ,Nordics,Esenians,Chinese, Hebraism.

We will be giving free lessons and conferences and will be held in German, Spanish,English or Portuguese.

Our next conference will be on the 07.26. Protected content köln at 15:00 .

Subject, The Evolution and Involution of mankind, the Samsara wheel .

"Mensch erkenne dich selbst und du wirst das universum und die götter erkennen " Socrates

Noelstr 1 , Protected content ( U- Bahn - Linie 4 / bis berliner Straße

Feel free to contact us ,

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