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HUMAN RESOURCES BRUNCH....what do you think???? (Bonn)

Hello people!!!! I have seen lately that Bonn is becomming a very active community for people searching for new jobs and companies looking for new employees.
I thought that maybe some of you, who work in human Resources department, could help some of us to learn better how to move around interviews and job applications in German Market. I thought about doing a BUSINESS BREAKFAST OR LUNCH, where one specialist of a company, who works in human Resources selection can come to this event, and while we have breakfast or lunch the person talk about how companies do their selections, how CV's ( Lebenslauf) have to be presented and so.
I guess it would be great opportunity and a great learning experience for all.
What do you think about this IDEA??????
And if there is any Human Resources specialist out there interesting in doing those kind of workshop, please post here and if we get 3 or 4 of you, we can work a subject in 1 breakfast or lunch once a month.....

Hope i have a lot of replies with ideas and suggestions, first from specialists and then from interested young people....
See you,

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