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Looking for bossa nova singer(female)with passion! (Bonn)

Hi to all,
I don't know if this forum is ok for this post but I try anyway:
I am seeking a female singer for playing together in bossa nova style: for this a brasilian native speaker would be the best for obvious reasons if you know the genre (look in youtube for Elis Regina as singer and for music of Tom Jobim, Joao Gilberto and Toquinho etc...). Anyway a singer with experience in interpreting latin-jazz pieces is also welcome. Bossa nova would be the main aim of this reunion but we can also arrange some other songs, coming from the common background.

I play acoustic-classical guitar but I am not a professional musician: so the singer is not supposed to be a professional one but of course...the passion for singing is necessary! This is the meaning of the subject...

My idea is to first try a duet: you sing and I will accompany you with guitar harmony and rhythm in bossa nova style. If this attempt is successfull there is also a chance to develop in a group adding some percussions, basso and melodic instruments.

I am looking forward to receiving a message from you, dear bossa nova singer reading my post. Otherwise, if you are not a singer, but you know some of your friends respond to these characteristics, please give me an hint as well. Thanks in advance.

Vemos nos,

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