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Weekly "Couchsurfing" & Expats @ The Quiet Man Pub (Bonn)


I'm an expat, moving to/living in Bonn with my German girlfriend & her son, but I'm a traveler first, and a de facto "couchsurfer" with years of experience crashing my friends' couches.

I have organized a weekly meet up for the Couchsurfing community, both locals & those traveling through, or university students, etc. who participate in If you are not familiar with Couchsurfing, just think of it as the "free" or original version of Air BnB, going to a community & being part of the local community, not just a tourist.

Over the course of hosting several of these Wednesday pub events, those whom have attended all express the same sentiments; Bonn has no "identity", is really just a village, doesn't have much going on, and is a difficult place to meet people (Germans included). This is not a bad thing, just the general sentiments expressed by "Ausländers" living here.

So this event, is really just to let those who are "here, but not included here" a chance to meet others.

Here's the posting on Couchsurfing itself... Protected content

If you can't open it, it happens from 7:30pm until 10pm every Wednesday at The Quiet Man pub.

I found "Internations" searching for something else, but as I see there is some activity in it specifically for Bonn, I thought I would open it up to this group too! There's no specific itinerary or intentions for this event, other than to meet others from all over the world and drink some beer on a weekday. I generally only stay until 10pm, but Happy Hour starts at 7:30pm until 8:30, and anyone can stay as long as they want to.



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