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hossegor-cap Bretton (Bordeaux)


Hi All,
My wife and i and our 2 kids (Siena8,Ariella2) are coming to sw France next year.
We have long had it with England!

We are planning a move to the Hossegor area. My french is poor,of course i have some books,apps and a Paul Noble cd set. I did try a class but it wasn't or me (i am not a great group person).

My wife is a lecturer and will travel back to the UK for stints of well paid work whilst my background is in operating carwash sites. I dont think the French care too much about a clean car? So i am planning on buying and managing rental property.
Can any body let me know if they live in the Landes beach areas and how the seasonal life is? Any advise for a new British family planning to come over.
Also i would live to nake contact with anybody who l can be in contact with leading upto our move to france.

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