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Moving to France--poss Bordeaux/surrounds area

Hello everyone! I've decided France is my next EU destination and I've been going back and forth between cities – Bordeaux, Périgueux, Bergerac, I chose Internations Bordeaux on an Internations Marseilles friend of mine's suggestion! I'm an EU citizen (dual US/Italy) and have been boppin' around the EU and my native country for about my whole life I can't seem to stay in one place, hence my new move! But I'm having problems choosing a town/city.

I work from home; not looking for “nightlife” (oh I'm so old *sigh*!); am absolutely looking for culture, to live IN the French culture, but I'm not averse to some internationality. I don't want a big city, but I don't want a one-street town. There's just me, and no car so I need mobility (train/good buses), no furniture (although I do have sheets and blankets—ha!). Oh...and cheap, or relatively so when it comes to apartments. I'm very much into gastronomy and wine. And wine. Did I mention wine?

Any suggestions for me? I'm open to hearing everything. I usually do a three-window thing – little google map guy in one, and seloger and boncoin in another, for checking any suggestions. I've done one recon mission to Antibes (so I could rule it out because, while beautiful, it's far past my budget) and am thinking my next recon mission for end of this month for maybe the above cities? I have “high school” French but have downloaded a program and have started learning/relearning.

Thank you! Is this okay in Expat Q&A or should it go elsewhere?

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