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Product retrieval researcher - Bordeaux

Product Retrieval Researcher

Eolas International Research is a successful market, consumer and sensory research company with its head-office in Cork, Ireland. We employ 50 people in Ireland, of whom 30 are sensory experts. We also have international researchers in over Protected content , who visited approximately 25,000 stores last year. The company works closely with its global customers offering a unique and personalized service, focused on four distinct, yet complementary, areas of research for the FMCG Industry.

To collect tea products in stores in your location and ship unopened product packs to our client where they will be assessed.

The project involves going to 6 supermarkets in your location and purchasing tea products. We are looking to collect as many different batch codes as is available. Products will need to be shipped to our client where they will be assessed.

This is a part-time contractual role. The role involves work once a quarter. Expected hours of work are 5 – 10 hours per quarter.

Full training will be provided prior to initiation.

We require a trustworthy and hardworking person, who is willing to be trained into the role. The candidate would need to be settled long-term in the location and be able give a certain commitment to remain with Eolas for some time.

SALARY PER QUARTER: €100 upon successful completion of fieldwork

CONTACT: Protected content

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