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Seeking Employment for English Speaker in Bordeaux

I recently moved to Bordeaux for career related reasons. The situation changed when I arrived but I enjoy the area so much that I am looking to find a job elswhere and stay permanently. I dont know French yet, which has made things difficult. I will be in classes after December 13th. I have a completed CV. I am not too picky about the type of work as I am just adjusting to life in another country. My work experience is broad: professional volleyball player, personal trainer, office secretary, tutoring, retail sales, food and beverage (server and manager at restaurants in California, Missouri, and Hawaii), nanny...
I am 26 years old, very healthy and an extremely hard worker. As a citizen in the EU, I will not need any permits or visas.
If anyone has any advice or can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it!!

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