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City criticized for over-reacting to snowstorm this year? (Boston)

It seems that city officials were criticized for not being prepared for the snowstorm last month (and we all remember what a debacle that was), and now are criticized again for being too prepared for the snowstorm a last week. In truth, I don’t think there was anyone even actually out on the roads that night to see what the real conditions were like.
I also find it rather silly that city officials are being attacked in the media for reacting the “wrong” way to a storm, no matter what they do.

Of course, as is often the case, I think the media is to blame for essentially making something out of nothing. The coverage was a little excessive and blown out of proportion. However, I think the city officials are to blame as well, for not having enough backbone, and cracking under pressure when faced with public criticism.

What do you guys think? What to expect with the next snowstorm??

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