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Title: Internet Cafe Manager
Status: 3 yr permanent contract
Benefits: Health insurance , full paid accommodation , work permit in egypt , 6 paid air line tickets for the term of contract, 3 weeks paid vacation.

Job Description

To manage the day to day activities of an ITC access point, and the accompanying cafe in Hurghada Market. To manage and facilitate the future development of the Internet cafe. The long term organisational aim is participatory self-management. This means that everyone - members, volunteers, staff, directors and other users – should be an integral part of the decision-making and planning, all with equal value and worth. The active participation and involvement of stakeholders is an essential part of the organisations ethos and it is the manager’s role to facilitate this.
Key Relationships
• Responsible to the directors;
• Responsible to members;
• Responsible to users of the service;
• Working closely with staff and volunteers; and
• Liaising directly with external partners and statutory bodies.
Main activities & responsibilities
• To manage and lead a range of projects in line with the business plan.
• Develop, plan and deliver training for staff, volunteers and users.
• Ensure that users are welcomed, helped and provided with a safe and suitably
equipped environment. Maintaining high standards of security within an open
welcoming service.
• Provide training and advice on IT and other related matters - for staff and users, in a manner appropriate to their age, skill and ability.
• Ensure all policies and procedures are adhered to, in line with legislation and the
organisations ethos.
• Monitor the appearance of the premises, ensure it is kept clean, tidy, well
organised, fully stocked and fully staffed.
• Contribute to the refinement of overall objectives of the project.
• Collect and interpret relevant statistics and management information.
• Refine and update the business plan, policies and procedures as necessary i.e. in
line with legislation, or new project developments.
• Review and update internet usage guidelines.
• Research funding opportunities on an ongoing basis and prepare bids as necessary
• Plan and organise methods of evaluating the project, which will involve staff, users
etc to be fully participatory.
• Liaise with external partners and statutory bodies as appropriate.
All activities and duties are to be carried out within relevant legislation - Equal Opportunities, Disability Discrimination, Health & Safety, Child Protection, Data Protection, Copyright, etc.

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