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diplomas help you prove yourself (Boston)

Pearls are everywhere but not the same as the eyes.That is to say, although you have capability, you have no diploma, no one will hire you either. You can hardly get a promotion. You have no chance to show your ability to the boss, because you are in the low lever.
With the education developing, more and more people go to school and want to get a diploma after they graduate. However, is it really what those children want? Maybe they don't want to study at schools, but learn it from the society. Unfortunately, they cannot.
Without a degree, they can only do things in the low lever, and never have chance to access to the higher lever. They cannot get high salary, nor can they get promotion. They have ability to do it well, but they have no chance to prove it. As the old saying says,"pearls are everywhere but not the same as the eyes." So how can we blame for those who want to prove themselves by buying a fake degree?
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