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Finding a job in 10 weeks, realistic? (Boston)

Hi everyone,

I am currently living in China, and will relocate to Boston in early October, as my American boyfriend and I decided to move closer to his family after 2 years in Shanghai.

I am native German, speaking fluent French and basic Chinese, with a double BA in Marketing and Event Mangement. I am currently working as Sales Manager for an International Marketing Agency in Shanghai.

I will arrive in Boston in early October visiting my boyfriends family for about 10 weeks to network and maybe get a job lined up. I was planning to go back home to Germany after that, getting a Work-Visa processed, as we don't want to get married quite yet.

Do you think finding a job in a time frame of 10 weeks is realistic? I learned that I have to find a job first as the new company has to apply for the visa.

Has anybody experience with the process? How long do I have to wait for the Visa to get processed in Germany?
Do companies even hire somebody, they have to process a Visa for? Of course I am willing to pay for all the nessecary fees, flights etc.

I am very insecure about our plan and would like to hear what other expat think.



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