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Housing - rental, cost of living... (Boston)


We are family of four (kids 1 and 3) looking at the option of moving to Boston from Netherlands. I am looking for some opinions to support (or not) for the move.

Education here in the Netherlands is great, not much pressure on kids and is pretty relaxed on top of it is free. We are expecting at least one more move around after Boston and therefore I am keen to send my kids to Montessori schools assuming the school life is slightly more similar to the Dutch one. Found out there is one at the Back Bay.

What are the average cost of rental/housing in Boston like? Minimum 3 bedrooms with garden/terrace.. not too far from Back Bay. Since the office and school location are both in/near Back Bay I would only assume we shouldn't live too far from it. We have no clue what sort of housing budget we will receive but company did say they will provide a good expat package for us.

What do you think is a good income (for family of four) in Boston for a good life there? eg: eating out once/twice a week, childcare, grocery of quality food, wine/beer, transportation... (exclude schooling). I understand different people would have different opinion of good life but i like to read different opinions and of course i don't mean buying a yacht and live like a multi-millionaire.


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