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AnaKatarina Eco-Gioielli
The New Flow of Eco-Luxury

MILAN, ITALY, September 8, Protected content . Jewelry designer Ana-Katarina Dervisevic premieres her new line of ECO-GIOIELLI in her hometown of Boston during Fashion Week Protected content .

ECO-GIOIELLI adorns Urban Couture by Sabella Couture at the Transcending Chic fashion show hosted at Stix Restaurant and Lounge located at 35 Stanhope Street in Boston on September 13, Protected content 11pm to 2am. Libations include a sampling of Grand Marnier cocktails.

AnaKatarina Eco-Gioielli introduces, “Flow” inspired by the simple elegance and subtle grace present in the essence of shape in the natural world. The ebb and flow of the tide, summer rainfall, the course of a river, a floating feather, celestial bodies… AnaKatarina Eco-Gioielli transforms nature into attainable design.

Combining this inspiration with vibrant talent and recycled precious metals such as gold and platinum, as well as the use of Canadian diamonds and sustainable gems, AnaKatarina Eco-Gioielli represents a line that’s deliciously opulent yet harmonious in form as well as being environmentally and socially responsible.

“I wanted to fuse my passion for luxury jewelry and environmental and social ethics in pieces that are sublime and that transcend chic,” she says from her studio outside of Boston.

Born of artistic parents, a world renowned architect and a Guggenheim- awarded painter, AnaKatarina has brought technical design expertise as well as melodic fantasy to her creations.

She is also a former war photographer and correspondent as well as a survivor of the Balkan War, AnaKatarina supports “Women For Women” Protected content .

For more information please contact Turner Mojica at Protected content or call 718.448.6449. To RSVP for the event and to attend the 11pm reception sponsored by Grand Marnier, please email Protected content

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