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Undergrad Senior Research Paper (Boston)

Hi Friends!

I have a good friend from Tokyo coming to visit me in Boston in a couple weeks. She's working on finishing her undergrad senior research paper and needs to interview someone while she is visiting, and I'm wondering if your group might have connections that could help her out? I am happy to forward her email describing her research, but essentially, she is hoping to spend approximately an hour interviewing a Japanese woman who is married to an American man and is raising children in Boston. Is there anyone in your group who might match this criteria (or would have connections to such a person) with whom I could arrange a meeting? I know this is pretty random, but I thought this might be one place for me to find an interviewee for her! She'll be visiting Boston April 29-May 2. As I said, I'm happy to pass on an email where she describes her research as well as her contact information.

Please contact me with any questions!
Many Thanks!

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