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activities for small children (Brasilia)

Hi, I'm moving to Brasilia next week with my husband and soon too be 2 year old daughter. We neither have a daytimecare for her nor a job for me, so we are looking for some daytime activity that would include other children. She is used to be in a kindergarten and we would like for her to keep on meeting and playing with other children. I'm used to something called open kindergarten where you can go with your child to hang out, meet other children and parents. Does something like that exist in Brasilia, or are there other good options for us?
I also would like to hear about experience with kindergartens in Brasilia, Brazilien as well as international ones, if you would like to share:-) I think we will end up living in Cruzeiro Novo.
Looking forward to get to know the city soon, heard good things about it:-)


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