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I need a reliable PHP programmer (Brasilia)

I need a reliable PHP programmer to start from zero an internet based Multi-Level Marketing Company system. My products, communication, payment and everything else will be TOTALLY online based. So there will be money transactions (using paypal, solid trust pay, etc), login, password, hierarchy of users, users will have access of every move their down line is doing and everything else that comes along with a MLM company.
I already had EVERY IMAGINABLE SORTS OF PROBLEMS on the programmer´s side. So please only contact me if you are serious and have a solid portfolio AND agree with the terms bellow.
I look for:
A company (no freelance, sorry) that takes contract deadlines extremely seriously (this is obvious, but I had so many problems…)
Not having to sell my kidneys or liver in the black market to pay for your services (I have no idea what is the cost of it, but the metaphor stands)
PERFECT English OR Brazilian Portuguese (as you will talk directly with me).
Since I spent (actually in many situations was pure and simple waste) so much money with it and got nothing in return, I ask you to expect the full payment after the delivery of the final product ACTUALLY WORKING. I am willing to hear from you if you expect something different, but I am not really willing to be flexible on this.
I offer:
Payment strictly on time (Potential partnership if I feel you are really serious), give you freedom to do it your way. Naturally I will provide further details to whoever contacts me. But I am looking for a long term (ideally lifetime) partnership or client-company relationship (ideally lifetime).

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Skype: joaozinho1981

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