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Unusual coffee (Brasilia)

The restaurant Zuu in Protected content offers an interesting coffee choice: Café do Jacu.

It is the Brazilian version of the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak from Indonesia. It is the same process in both places, an animal eats the ripe coffee berries and digests the outside, leaving the undigested beans in its feces. Then some unlucky worker collects and washes the beans before roasting them and selling them to people who can drink their coffee without graphically visualizing the path to their cup.

In Indonesia, it is a small mammal doing the "work" and in Brazil, a bird. The idea is that the digestion process chemically changes the flavor of the beans. Try not to think about this too much before you drink the coffee.

I always want to try anything really strange, and for only nine reais, how could you go wrong? It was a tasty cup of coffee, not spectacular, but good. And it came with a few little sweets poised on the saucer. My verdict: Thumbs up!

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