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Job in East Slovakia - Web developer (Bratislava)


my name is Alan and i'm 27 years old.

I live in Italy, near Bergamo, i have a bachelor degree in Computer Science and, since 4 years i have been working as web developer in a little company in my town.

I love so much Slovakia and slovak people. In my travels i saw life is a lot different than here in Italy, more pure and more simple, i've been captivated by your country.
I'm searching a possible occupation in East of Slovakia, maybe near Presov.

I'm a web developer, but i don't have fear to get my hands dirty, so other jobs are welcome

My english is good, but, unluckly, my i can't speak slovak yet.

Also, if i will have opportunity to move there, i will need accomodation.

Honestly, in the little company where i'm working from years, we never specialized in something, we had always to learn something when we need it. In my opinion, this isn't always good, because learn something in a hurry, without opportunity to have a deeper knowledge of it. In spare time, i always searched a way to emprove my skills by myself, because these are things very interesting.
Now i'm learning how to develop website using MVC framework "CodeIgniter" and i see that, in our company websites, we always used old programming stucture...
I have admit that, as i was one of the two-workers web developing team, was also my mistake.

I search a company where my skills will emprove naturaly, a company where i'm a part of a team that always emprove, a company where workers are important and their happiness too.. i don't want a company where we are just simple person and there is no interest from them to keep us happy.

Here a list of my skills:
Excellent knowledge of web developing languages Active Server Pages, PHP.
Discrete knowledge of Visual Basic 6 and C languages, minimal of Java.
Excellent in installation, configuration and administration of relational DBMS Microsoft SQL Server Protected content , 2005, Protected content , Protected content MySql.
Good SQL language knowledge: both for query that for Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions.
Consolidated experience in importing large amounts of data into database from Excel, CSV, txt and migration between different DBMS.
Experience in project and development of online reservation system and consequent room availability updating in the stand alone software installed on hotel’s r eception computer. (Server-side: PHP + MySql, client-side: Visual Basic + Access database)
Excellent knowledge of Javascript scripting languages, good in jQuery.
Excellent dealing with CSS stylesheets and developing XHTML valid websites.
Excellent usage of Adobe Photoshop, in particular to create draft and preview for websites and graphical elements to be used in various fields.
Consolidated experience in developing e-commerce website, with administration panels to manage orders and products sold.
Integration of payment systems into e-commerce websites like Paypal and Credit Cards.
Good knowledge in SEO optimization and ranking for Google and Bing/Yahoo search providers Excellent knowledge in configuration, integration and administration of Google products: “Webmaster tools”, “Analytics”, “AdSense”, “AdWords”, “Places” .
Configuration of virtual machines and/or installation of Microsoft Server Operating System, IIS webserver, Mailenable mail server. Experience with Parallel Plesk Panel.
Autonomy in reservation, configuration and administration domain names and hosting services, also for accredited “.it” registrars.
Good knowledge in computer hardware, broken computer components replacement, malware/virus cleaning, data restore, formatting and reinstalling Microsoft Operative Systems.
Ability to install computers network, router, firewall configuration.
Little knowledge in installing and configuring 3CX phone systems with IP phones.
Excellent Microsoft Office products.
Excellent ability in surfing Internet in search for information, special for self-learning.

Thank you for your time spent knowing me

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