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Question about part time job opportunities in BB (Bratislava)


Dear members,

my name is Ramona, I am new to and also to Slovakia.

I have recently moved to Banska Bystrica where I am volunteering with a local organization. Since my volunteer activity is not so demading this leaves me with quite some free time. Therefore I am writing to enquire if any of the group members has any knowledge about potential job opportunities, part time or even project based, in Banska Bystrica and even around the area (like Bresno or Zvolen), as I am willing to travel.

I have over 5 years experience in the following areas of expertise:
Administrative support and office management - my administrative experience is wide and varied involving scheduling meetings, making arrangements for refreshments if required; ensuring that the necessary equipments are available and working for the meeting. Doing follow up to ensure that all participants are aware and reminded of meetings. Make travel arrangements and bookings; Typing various letters and documentations; calendar management; ensuring that clients invoices are processed on a timely basis; ensuring that departmental suppliers are always available.

Event management - I have designed, planned and organized more than 50 different events which range from Protected content national conferences to local and regional seminars, workshops and roundtables, to national and international project meeting, to non-formal education activities like forum theatre plays and living libraries.

Training delivery - I have been involved, as a lead trainer, in designing and delivering over Protected content of training on topics such as volunteer management process, setting up a volunteer program and public speaking.

I have also quite extensive expereince in child caring/babysitting, having looked after more than 10 children, aged between 2 and 14 years old. In addition, I worked for 2 summers as youth group leader for a youth camp in Romania and have skills in design outdoor or indoor leisure activities for young people.

I am fluent in English, can get by in Italian and have basic knowledge of German. My Slovak is still at a beginner stage, as I have only started studying it 2 weeks ago.

I can provide a more detailed resume, if need be.

I would greatly appreciate any tip or piece of advice on potential job opportunities you might know of.

Thank you in advance.


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