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Rest of the country (Bratislava)

Morning all.
I joined some time ago and it seems like a good setup for communication and help between expats. There is one problem though.

The only location based forum at the moment is for Bratislava, which as luck may have it, is at one end of the country while at least two other large cities are at least 5 hours drive away at the other end of the country.

So in all, except for the general information, there is very little I can contribute or use in the Bratislava forum. There is a LARGE expat community in Kosice especially, but also in other cities/towns in the East & in the central parts of the country too I'm sure.

Is this something that could be looked at?

I've had expats at my work in an email-chain looking for something like this, but I couldn't suggest this as it's Bratislava-centric.

Thanks again


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