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Why Bratislava is so dull?

I am more about to start a discussion here or point out how Internations Bratislava is different from others I was a part of.
I lived in Moscow for 4 years. Was Internations member and participated on almost every event which Internations organized. (plus I was member of other social groups and helped organized couple of events myself) The interaction, contact exchange and the communication even outside of Internations was great! People wanted to meet, people wanted to stay in touch, people waned to get a drink.
I attended couple of Internations events in Prague as well. The atmosphere is very simular as the one in Moscow.
Events in both places are organized monthly.
In Bratislava it seems like there is limited interest for meetings, for events, for even reacting to interesting posts or questions asked. Why one would want to be a member of a community and won't want to communicate? Why Bratisalva is so dull?

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