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Interest for EXQUISITE DINNER/RESTAURANT group'? (Breda)


This is to gauge interests.....are there people in Breda interested in an 'Exquisite Dinner/Restaurant Group'?

The idea is to try a different expensive restaurant or menu once a month. As price, you have to think of at least 50 euro per person per dinner.

So the group would be distinctive in two aspects: 1) price 2) fine taste. Hopefully this goes along with 3) high quality conversations.

The difference with the Breda Food Festival group would be that latter is probably mostly 'potlocks' and if dinner appr. 20 euro per person, of what I sense there. That means, in my view, more 'socializing' whilst 'eating food'.

The 'EXQUISITE DINNER group' would be more about fine taste, specialties, researching restaurants, almost 'behaving like Michelin star judges' - judging food, not service.

If you are potentially interested, would you like to reply underneath? A basic group of at least 10 people is required to make it a success I think. Probably, most people of the group would join most of the times - without obligations - making it a group that knows eachother quite well over time

(so the opposite to 'meet up' where attendants are always different people. The 'Exquisite Dinner/Restaurant group' would be a bit like Dinner Group & Brunch group in Rotterdam, maybe slightly more expensive)

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