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Working in sarawak(malaysia). (Breda)

Hello everybody;.....i want to move out of holland by the beginning of next year because i want to start my new life together with my gf who lives there.
If someone has tips of dutch companies there in need of people then i would like to know it.
i have done several jobs in my life;driver...assembly worker....administration.....and gardening....but my mean speciality was always which i was very succesfull and won many prizes....i was dutch champion several times and fourth of europe in the youth olympic games.
so i have what it takes to give it my very best.
I am a good listener...can give training....and my knowledge of english and dutch in writing and speaking is very good also....
so maybe someone knows of a school who needs people.
I am willing to do other work also as long as i can be with my gf.
I want to stay in the sarawak area as that is the place where my gf is going to work also.
Any idea's....of suggestions of where to look i appreciate very much.
I allready know of visa...and workpermits.....(this is very difficult to get)....maybe if i marry first this can be more easy but i don't know.....
So if someone out there has experienced these things allready please share it with me.
I want to stay in contact with people who are much closer to the places i want to go and start are qualities of mine.
i have wharehouse experience....i have followed a administration education.....but i don't have a academic background.
just basis things really...
what i accell at is my extented knowledge of training....specifically in athletics naturally.
So i would like to meet with someone who wants to keep me informed of jobs....or knows a company in need for willing and eager people.
i want to work my way up.
Thanks for listening and hopefully one of you can help me out.
or just as a contact person.
Every little bit of information can be of value to me.
Thank you.....

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