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Advice for South African job seeker (Bremen)

Good day Everyone!

I joined this group a while back because I am looking into the possibility to find an expat position in Germany- whether very temporary or longer term. If it can be in Bremen all the better, as everyone seems very nice and I would actually really like to physically join the community over there.

I am a South African women without a European passport so the task of applying for a visa or figuring out which jobs I can apply to is quite daunting at the moment.
I do have a Business degree - Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management with a focus on Transport Economics and Logistics Management, as well as a 4th year degree (South African Honours degree) in Logistics Management.

I have 2 years work experience in a FMCG Global Sourcing/ Procurement position for the largest retail group in Africa, as well as some experience in a Procurement and Logistics Management position for a tech company working with EA and CCTV systems. Though I enjoy my subject matter and would prefer something in the lines of logistics, transport, procurement or shipping, I would appreciate any job opportunity really. I would really like the opportunity to see Germany, hopefully learn some German and experience the culture there.

Anyone with any advice, would be much appreciated. The whole process seems a bit insurmountable at the moment :)

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