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i am looking for work (Bremen)

I am English, moved here 3 months ago to be near friends.
have only just started german classes in januar,
I really need a job,
have been trying since early November
I have 33 years in the catering industry, also love books and photography
would love someone to take a chance on me and just give me a trial period, and take into account that I barely speak german yet but would be willing to help me develop while working just by talking to me,

I am a very hard worker, don't mind long hours or short hours just as long as I can get insurance for my family

I am not an immigrant or asylum seeker, I came here of my own free will from the uk and am there fore not eligible for any help I just want to work but all I get is come back in 3 months when you can speak german,

I am a fast learner

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