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NDR Info radio looking for expat interviewpartners (Bremen)

Hi there,
my name is Kathrin and I work as a reporter for NDR Info, the information radio of Northern Germany's public broadcasting network NDR.

I am planning a radio series about people from Southern or Eastern European contries (e.g. Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Hungary) who recently started a job in Bremen.

In our reports we would like to focus on how you see the German culture / daily life from your perspective. Also, on one report we would like to point out how confusing German bureaucracy can be concerning getting a working permit / getting registered at the "Behörde" / applying for an apartment / getting your child into a kindergarten or school. We intend to tell everything from a humorous rather than from a very critical point of view.

Therefore I am looking for a male or female expat who can tell me his or her experiences. Perfect German ist not mandatory ;-) It's no problem doing the interview in English or Spanish aswell.

I would like to do the interview within the next 3 weeks - don't be scared, there'll be no tv cameras, just me and my microphone :-)

Please contact me via personal message or e-mail: Protected content .

Thank you very much in advance and have a wonderful week

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