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Non-profit organizations (Brisbane)


I am new here. I am from Seattle. Brisbane is the place I would move to if I should move down under because Seattle and Brisbane are both very similar (They both have lots of seafood, etc.)

I really want to go there when I get my passport, but I have a big misconception.

I don't think there are many non-profit organizations in Brisbane. I want to be assured that the people there are not all greedy. If some of you do not care about money as much, I'd love to talk with you.

Also, I would like to talk to some of you native Australians after you've had a chance to look at this thread. I know much more about your country than you might think. My e-mail address is supplied in my profile if you want to talk.

I have been busy with work at the moment, but when I make enough money, rest assured I will get my passport.

Nice to meet you all!


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