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Please Help - Advice Needed (HD Fitter) (Brisbane)

Good Morning all from rainy England :)

Me and my partner are in the early stages of emigrating. We are looking into 2 visas; Sponsored and also independant. My partner is a qualified Heavy Plant Engineer - AKA - Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic/Fitter in construction equipment. HE is Volvo qualified, and we are noticed a lot of Cat, and Kimatsu etc.

Does anyone know any reputable compaines we can contact directly and independantly as we are eager to start the process, we have savings etc and want to be a valued memeber of the Australian community.

Also, which area is the best to live in with these kind of work oppertunities?

Myself on the other hand have qualification in Animal Care & Management (vet nursing) however i know i would have to further qualify within Australia due to laws, etc.

If anybody has any help or advise they can give me, it would be greatly appreciated, if you prefer not to comment on my thread, please feel free to send me an email, my email is on my profile.

Look forward to hearing from someone...

Abby :)

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