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Teaching in Australia? (Brisbane)


I'm a 28-year old math and science teacher in the states (Boston) and am seriously considering a move to Brisbane and I have a few questions.

- In which grades do Australian students learn biology and pre-algebra? (In the states, bio is taught in 7th and 9th and pre-algebra is 7th and 8th)

- How difficult is it to find a job teaching in a primary or secondary school as an expat? My resume is extremely impressive, but I'm worried that it won't matter if schools aren't interested in hiring outsiders.

- In the states, teachers are paid horribly (I clear about $ Protected content month after taxes and I'm in my 4th year of teaching in a very expensive metropolitan region) but receive wonderful benefits, such as healthcare and pension (80% of your highest salary for life once you reach the age of retirement). Is it similar in Australia?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice; I appreciate you giving me your time!

- Christine

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