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Hi All,
As you may have noticed, Arancha Adan emailed some of you the other day with regard to activity groups. I think it’s a good idea if we begin posting some ideas and suggestions here so that we can begin the long journey of building a strong Bristol Internations community.

Some of the things that popped up while living in Istanbul:-

• Walk and Run group every Saturday culminating in breakfast

• Slideshow – every month we would have a slide show where one person would talk for 1 hour about their home country along with photos and a powerpoint presentation which included video etc. The Q & A afterwards was brilliant.

• Squash club – I started a squash group at the local Hilton just before I left. It was 15 strong and still going by the time I came back to England. I’d never played squash before and wanted to learn so even if you have a wild idea, share it.

• Cooking classes – often we would meet at someone’s apartment or if very lucky rent some space in a kitchen and learn to cook / prepare something new. Usually it was something from another country.

• Karaoke, yes… Karaoke! We orgainised quite a few nights at the local Irish bar (please forgive me) and frequented some of the karaoke bars. Granted, it’s an excuse to drink but it helped with the harmonies and rhythm.

• Maybe a scrabble night where expats can learn more English words and socialise?

Do you have any other suggestions? Comment below:-

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