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A World Traveller's Home (Brussels)

I have understood after my first 7 yr world travel, that home is a state of being more than a place. It is very simple, you are always home with you, wherever you are in the world. However, there might be a time where home is 'lost' and one feels disconnected from the feeling of home and then, even the physical home does not cure anything.

As with all things, everything starts inside of the personal emotional landscape. If that landscape is tormented, or unaligned, nothing in the outside world can really be satisfactory and on top of that, that outside world will reflect your inner state of being. In that sense, the really good news is, that every person on the planet has the capacity to restore the inner emotional landscape if in turmoil by finding personal tools that bring back the natural state of harmony and balance. These words are not idle, they express a powerful truth about the human as a real creator of his or her own reality. This means more than all the money in the world.

Back to travel ! Travelling is truly rewarding when the inner sense of being at home with yourself is healthy and strengthened. You influence and radiate your sense of being well with yourself everywhere you go, you find balance and ease everywhere you go and you find connection with those you are with, because you feel safe wherever you are. Very empowering state of being.

Imagine walking on a beach in Hawaii feeling at home there, imagine climbing that mountain in Mt Shasta and feeling at home there, imagine snorkeling in the midst of the Dolphins and feeling at home, imagine eating Sushi in Naomori Japan and feeling at home. I am talking about that deep sense of thrill of life and self-energizing attitude.

Recently I bought my travel shoes, every day I make myself ready for the travel to come and I am probing my inner universe for the first country to direct my attention to. Wherever I go, I take myself with me, and thus I forge my energetic strength for all that. JL

(original posted on Protected content - you can follow me there - I am in the pre-planning face of my travel - JL

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